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Together, We Can Make a Difference!

The need for action and support is urgent. We can’t do it without the support and help of the eating community disorder community including experts, clinicians, donors, volunteers, government, health organizations, institutions and YOU.

The facts behind Eating Disorders are widely misunderstood creating a stigma that shadows everything to do with the disease. It’s an illness that not only targets the individual but also the family unit who struggle with the stress of coping and worry.


We are on a mission to end eating disorders!



Unfortunately, the number of people who experience an eating disorder is growing. Estimates vary, but it is widely believed that about one million Canadians would meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder.

The public healthcare system perpetuates the crisis because eating disorders are drastically underfunded. Wait times for specialized treatment options available in Canada is too long and it can take months for an inpatient bed.

You can make a difference now!

  • Make a financial contribution.
  • Volunteer to help at WaterStone Foundation events.
  • Host your own event on behalf of WaterStone Founation.

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