Financial Aid Program

Program Overview

Thousands of children, youth and adults suffering from an eating disorder do not access treatment due to a number of factors including the lengthy wait lists at public institutions and the lack of financial means to access treatment at a private clinic.    While we know that the earlier an eating disorder is treated, the more likely a positive outcome, many people are only accessing treatment when their eating disorder has reached a critical stage.  

In order to enable access to treatment earlier, WaterStone Foundation will provide financial aid grants to individuals who qualify so that they are able to access outpatient treatment at a private clinic.   The assessment of financial aid will be determined by a financial institution and therefore, the applicant will be required to provide financial information, in confidence, in order to qualify. 

WaterStone will grant up to $5000 per person. Individuals who qualify will be able to receive a second $5000 grant or up to $10,000 in total. Our partner clinics (listed below) have also agreed to reduce their rates by 25% for patients that qualify for financial aid.  This means that if your treatment plan was estimated to cost $10,000, WaterStone would cover $5,000, the clinic would contribute $2,500 and the financial aid recipient would contribute $2,500.   

This is a one-year pilot project with funding available for approximately 20 recipients. Over the course of the year, we will evaluate its success and feasibility and determine if and how we can expand the program in subsequent years.

How the Program Works

  1. Client completes Financial Aid Application Form
  2. WaterStone directs the Client to our clinic partners for an intake assessment. (Note: This meeting might be conducted over the phone, could could be a one-time in-person meeting, paid for by the client)
  3. Clinic advises WaterStone that they are able to provide treatment to Client.
  4. WaterStone directs Client to complete Financial Aid Assessment.
  5. If eligible, WaterStone advises Client and clinic that Financial Aid has been approved, contingent on the WaterStone Financial Aid Committee’s approval of the treatment plan.
  6. Clinic meets with Client to develop treatment plan and estimate of treatment costs.
  7. Clinic confirms that both the clinic and the client are willing to pay their share of the costs.
  8. Treatment plan and cost estimate sent to WaterStone Financial Aid Committee for approval.
  9. Committee approves all or a portion of the treatment plan request.
  10. WaterStone Foundation advises Client and clinic that funding (or a portion thereof) has been approved.
  11. Clinic advises WaterStone and Client of treatment start-date.
  12. Clinic invoices WaterStone and Client monthly, based on the treatment received during each monthly period.
  13. Clinic provides discharge report to WaterStone Foundation (with Client’s permission) at the end of treatment.
  14. Clinic and Client complete a brief survey upon the completion of treatment.

Financial Aid Application Form

Please email the completed form to:

Our Partner Clinics