Who We Are

We are on a mission to end eating disorders!

WaterStone Foundation has a vision to create healthy lives, free from eating disorders. We work tirelessly with our Board, partners, volunteers and donors to drive progress in the fight against eating disorders.

We target gaps in existing services by providing support for new and innovative programs, and by helping individuals in need. Our goal is to ensure a smooth path of care, from early diagnosis through treatment and recovery, with sustained and ongoing support.

With the help of our supporters, WaterStone Foundation is funding important programs to ensure individuals with eating disorders access treatment faster.

Our Story

Our beginnings are rooted in the experiences of two families. Both families were motivated to take action and drive meaningful change as a result of the challenges they faced in seeking treatment for their daughters, who were diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Early on, the families realized that publicly-funded treatment options that incorporated family therapy programs were scarce, underfunded and unable to meet demand in Canada. Their compelling and deeply personal need to find innovative, fully-integrated, tailored, sustainable support their daughters led to the creation of WaterStone Clinic.

The Clinic provided a unique, customized healing experience led by highly trained specialists in eating disorder treatment and a multidisciplinary team of clinicians.

Clinic founders were motivated to help other families facing the devastating impact and potentially dire consequences of eating disorders. They created a foundation dedicated to the cause, understanding that specialized treatment without the assistance of public funding can be costly and treatment may be ongoing for years. While the clinic was subsequently sold to Bellwoods Health Services, the Foundation’s work has continued.

Recovery from an eating disorder can’t happen in isolation. People with eating disorders and their families and caregivers need a caring community of support that provides the right treatment and support in the long-term but also understanding, hope and compassion. WaterStone Foundation exists to make sure others are not alone in this process.

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WaterStone Foundation – why we need to tell the story. June 2 World Eating Disorder Day.

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