Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or has helped someone in their recovery process can appreciate how complex, unique and different every experience can be. Reading personal essays and stories is a great way to understand what others have gone through and what they have learned. Our blog, In Their Own Words, is a forum for people to share their insights, experiences, and, importantly, to let you know that YOU are not alone

Penny’s Blog – live in my mind right now

I want to eat and have a glass of wine. I deserve it.

What am I really doing?

Catching up on all my mistakes from the past week, and adding new obligations to my calendar.

I have done nothing important and no-one recognizes that I’m barely hanging on?

A terrible hair cut crushed me..not out of vanity…simply because it depletes my hard work.

I’m struggling, for the first time in a long time, to find my meaning here.

Damn..eating kills me, the pressure and comments from people are disheartening.

I hope I find a purpose…

The Only Way Out is Through 🖤