Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or has helped someone in their recovery process can appreciate how complex, unique and different every experience can be. Reading personal essays and stories is a great way to understand what others have gone through and what they have learned. Our blog, In Their Own Words, is a forum for people to share their insights, experiences, and, importantly, to let you know that YOU are not alone

Penny’s Understanding

It’s not about  me tonight, and it will be short and sweet.

I had an acquaintance be very open and honest about some personal issues that she is going through… her mom is having a second hip surgery tomorrow, her dad is going for serious tests on Friday, her friend Is suicidal, her friend is in he hospital for mental illness issues and she, herself, is married, two kids, lonely and depressed…and she talked about it, openly and being vulnerability to anyone that was listening.

She kept apologizing for being open and honest.

What is wrong with our society..can we not hurt and can we not be afraid?

I applauded her.

Now, I am familiar with mental illness on a lot of levels, and so I hugged her..whispered quietly…I understood, really ..get in touch anytime .

That’s all I can do.

I can’t change anything but I understand without judgement.

This person utilizes every crisis line available, and I now worry about her well being.

I reached out to her privately but I don’t know if I can make a difference, but I’ll try every time.

The Only Way Out is Through