Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder or has helped someone in their recovery process can appreciate how complex, unique and different every experience can be. Reading personal essays and stories is a great way to understand what others have gone through and what they have learned. Our blog, In Their Own Words, is a forum for people to share their insights, experiences, and, importantly, to let you know that YOU are not alone

Introducing Penny – The Only Way Out is Through.

Hi, my name is Penny, and I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.
I still reside in Calgary and have three beautiful children, Hayley 16, Nicholas 13 and Brooklyn, 7 and a loving husband Stephen that I have been with for eighteen years.
I owned and operated a Day Home for fourteen years, which allowed me to be home with my children and have an income as well.
I have suffered from an eating disorder from the age of 17, and somehow, through both the mental and physical chaos, I have managed to live a successful life.
However, in December 2018, I realized that my eating disorder had taken over my life completely and I was hitting rock bottom.
I entered the hospital on May 1, 2018, and spent two months in a very intensive program. I chose to be honest with my family and friends regarding my eating disorder and shared in detail the severity of my illness.
It is now July 2018 and I am proud to say that I am in the early stages of recovery.
I am choosing life over death, and I am choosing to share my story, instead of battling alone.
Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it scary? Absolutely! Do people understand? No, not everyone ‘understands’ No, not everyone.’ understands, but do they care… Absolutely. Please join me on my recovery journey!
‘The Only Way Out is Through…’