"Honestly, WaterStone was the place that kicked me into high gear to get well after six years of suffering in pain - mentally and physically."

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Eating disorders are a leading cause of death and have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness.

Eating disorders affect over one million Canadians.

There is no known single cause of eating disorders.

Individuals of all genders and ages can develop eating disorders.

I feel as though I have found my authentic self. I have a calmness and courage around food, and a sense of purpose that there is something outside of my eating disorder.

Meet Emma

We are on a mission to end eating disorders by investing donor dollars where the need is greatest and the outcomes most profound.

Providing financial aid to patients in need.

Building capacity and knowledge at public institutions.

Building awareness and knowledge through workshops & events.

I can honestly say this past year has been a real turning point for me. Thanks to the amazing support from WaterStone Foundation for funding the eating disorder transition house where I have been residing for the past 6 months. I feel like I really have a chance to put this eating disorder behind me once and for all.

Tanya's Story

Help support our work. Your financial contribution will directly support the needs of those who struggle with eating disorders.