TORONTO, ON, February 1, 2018 -- WaterStone Foundation has announced $100,000 in new
funding to support three facilities in Ontario delivering innovative, progressive programming to
people with eating disorders and their families. Building on WaterStone Foundation’s awards
program established in 2016, the funding announcement also marks the start of Canada’s
National Eating Disorder Week February 1-7, 2018.

WaterStone’s funding support will:

  • Double the intake of families participating in Southlake Regional Health Centre’s multi-family group therapy program
  • Support the development of an integrated treatment protocol at Toronto General Hospital for individuals who have an eating disorder and co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Allow the Children’s Hospital for Eastern Ontario (Ottawa) to provide full supervision in its
  • proven successful Day Treatment Program including the ability to provide supper and post-supper supervision

“There are devastating consequences for many people with eating disorders because they don’t have access to treatment - or the treatment they specifically need,“ said Kim Duffy, Co-founder
and Board Chair of WaterStone Foundation. “This year’s fund recipients are delivering progressive and inventive approaches to a community that is underserviced and an illness that is only slowly gaining understanding and recognition. Thousands of people will benefit from the positive impact of this support.”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, WaterStone Foundation has distributed over $270,000
in funding to both private and public eating disorder programs in Ontario since 2015. Core to
the decisioning process in allocating funds is WaterStone’s mission to increase access and
capacity for treatment so that more people can get help and focus on funding new innovative
treatment initiatives that address identified gaps in service.

In 2016, four public facilities offering highly specialized, progressive treatment programs
received a total of $170,000. WaterStone Foundation also provided $50,000 individuals who
required specialized treatment at private facilities.

In 2017, WaterStone Foundation reached out to 20 public and private sector eating disorder
treatment programs in Ontario with a Request for Proposal. Fourteen applications were
received. After careful review and in-depth evaluation, three award recipients were selected.

“WaterStone Foundation’s Selection Committee acknowledges the high calibre and importance
of the work initiatives outlined in all the proposals we received,” said Duffy. “The high volume
of applicants also speaks to the dire need for more resources and funding support to meet
demand for these urgently needed services.”

An overview of the three award recipients funded by WaterStone Foundation’s 2017 Awards
Program follows. More details of previously funded programs and WaterStone partners can be
found on in the About Us section.



Toronto General Hospital – Toronto, ONT

Toronto General Hospital is the largest hospital in Canada providing intensive treatments for
individuals with moderate to severe eating disorders. The eating disorder program at TGH has
international recognition and a reputation as a center for excellence in treatment and research.
Approximately 120 individuals are treated in the day hospital annually and approximately 70
are admitted for inpatient treatment.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) frequently co-occurs with eating disorders and is thought
to be one reason why a significant proportion of individuals with EDs don’t finish their
treatment or continue to have significant ED symptoms following treatment. Recent data from
the TGH day treatment program indicates that about 40 percent of patients have current PTSD.

WaterStone’s funding will help train staff about treatment protocols to assess and treat
individuals with ED-PTSD.


Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario ( CHEO) – Ottawa, ONT

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario ( CHEO ) provides a multi-disciplinary eating disorder
program for approximately 200 adolescents a year ( 8-18 years of age) and assesses 70-80 new
patients yearly. The Eating Disorder Program provides evidence-based care for children and
youth with severe eating disorders.

CHEO’s Day Hospital Program (DTP) provides eight patients who are medically stable with
group, family and individual therapy within an environment with psychological, medical and
nutritional support five days a week.

With matched funds from WaterStone Foundation and the CHEO Hospital Foundation, the
Eating Disorder Day Hospital Program will be able to provide additional staffing, therapy and
increased meal and family support. The program will be fully operational from 8am – 7pm
Monday to Friday.


Southlake Regional Health Centre – Newmarket, ONT

Southlake Regional Health Centre serves over one million people in York Region, Simcoe County
and Muskoka. The eating disorder program provides outpatient, day and inpatient treatment
for adolescents and youth up to the age of 25 years of age.

The Multi Family Group Therapy Program ( MFT) is designed for Children and Adolescents 13-18
years of age. MFT provides critical treatment and supports 6-8 families at different stages of
eating disorder recovery. The group model reduces wait times and ensures quick, efficient
delivery of treatment. MFT is a year-long commitment on an outpatient basis to help families
understand the complexity of this illness by providing intensive therapy, education and support
under the guidance of trained ED therapists. WaterStone Foundation’s funding provides critical
ongoing support for Southlake’s Multi Family Group Therapy Program.


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